Our Covid-19 Response

by Christina Choi on July 08, 2020
NEW UPDATE 9/16/21: CCC studio has been re-opened since January 2021Christina is currently booking in-person appointments for weddings, engagement shoots, headshots. 1:1 Makeup Lessons, group "Pretty Parties" and workshops are conducted in-person now or virtually if requested. All clients requesting an in-person makeup appointment is require to provide PROOF OF VACCINATION or a COVID NEGATIVE TEST 48 hours before a scheduled appointment. 

 CCC is officially fully open. A quick glance of the past year and a half, Christina Choi Cosmetics studio was temporarily closed (on and off) since March 15, 2020- January 2021 as we followed the San Francisco shelter-in-place orders regarding COVID-19. Over the lockdown, I have been working with people across the country on a virtual platform, helping clients and fans with virtual 1:1 makeup lessons, bridal appointments, "Pretty Parties", classes and fundraisers. But nothing compares to working on a client in-person at the studio. I'm thrilled to now be helping clients in-person again! I realized during quarantine that CCC is a business based on socializing, sharing, and connecting. That is something I missed everyday and so happy to be with you all again in a super safe way. It's was a heartbreaking time to say the least, but our clients' health and our health is the most important. We can't wait to see you and help you get back into your makeup routine again! 

Below are our new safety precautions CCC Studio has implemented for all in-person appointments:

  • As of 9/16/21, we require Proof of Vaccination or a negative Covid test 48 hours prior to your scheduled in-person appointment. 
  • CCC COVID-19 Safety Liability Waiver must be signed, emailed and submitted before your scheduled appointment. 
  • No waiting room. Only one client in the studio at a time. Please be on time. 
  • There will be fewer appointments available per day so there is enough time to disinfect and sanitize between each client and throughout the appointment.
  • All windows will be open so there is plenty of ventilation within the studio and air filter running at the same time. 
  • Client shall arrive wearing a mask. If you are not wearing a mask we have the right to refuse service.
  • Temperature check with no-touch thermometer at entry. 
  • Sanitation station upon arrival with hand washing first and hand sanitizer. 
  • Christina Choi (That's me! Founder & Pro-Makeup Artist) will be wearing a mask, gloves, face shield to keep sanitary throughout the appointment. She will be working alone without staff or an assistant. 
  • Minimal talking throughout the appointment. Christina will have detailed email correspondence ahead of time which includes the client to share inspiration images and makeup style beforehand, that way makeup can be executed right away when client arrives in-person. 
  • The mask is to be worn throughout the appointment until lower half of the face and lips are ready to start. 
  • All makeup will be poured or scooped out with a disposable spatula and put into small plastic disposable cups or sterilized palettes. The cups are single use cups and not reused on another client. 
  • Fresh & new CCC eye brushes are available to be purchased during your appointment or she will use the studio brush testers that were freshly shampooed and disinfected with pure alcohol beforehand. 
  • All lip products will be disinfected with pure alcohol and shaved off into a disposable cup and applied with a disposable lip wand or you have the option to purchase CCC lip products during your appointment and apply.  
  • A few days after your appointment, we will send a follow-up email to see how you are feeling. 
 If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions and/or feedback, please reach out at info@christinachoicosmetics.com. This is always a work-in-progress as we  think about how to make everything comfortable for each client at our studio. I'm committed to giving you the best and safest makeup experience. Stay healthy, stay safe and see you in-person! 


Christina Choi


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