The Choi Method™ 1:1 Lesson with Christina

by Christina Choi on May 29, 2024

Hi Friends,

Teaching and educating people on makeup artistry is what I love best! Over my 25+ years as a makeup artist and completed over 30,000+ makeup transformations, I have developed so many tips, tricks, and specific artistry techniques to help my clients look their absolute best. All my artistry knowledge and experience inspired me to create The Choi Method™ which is a proven system that will allow you to be your own confident makeup artist. 

Here are the details below of what the lesson is all about and will answer more of your questions. 

The Choi Method™️ 1:1 Makeup Lesson is the most popular service I offer and my clients continuously rave about the lessons as they are a true investment for yourself! To give you more details about the lesson, it is a 2.5-3 hour in-depth session where I will go through several looks with you and analyze your eye shape, face shape and features to customize the best looks designed specifically for your facial features using The Choi Method™️. I starts off with a more natural look first and walk you through each step and it is filmed and recorded at the same time. You have the option to do the other side of your face with my supervision so you can get hands-on experience while I'm there observing you. Then from there I will show you how to achieve a more dramatic, defined look. In addition, I will teach you how to load your brushes correctly and how to blend properly to get the best results for your bone structure. I will review the best colors and brushes for you that work best for your features. You will need to bring in your makeup bag with products (if you have any) so I can review, edit and make suggestions. At the end of the session, I will do final touch ups so the artistry is fully symmetrical and professionally done (definitely plan a date/night out afterwards!). You leave with the artistry knowledge and take-aways (video content) for you to keep forever! What you will learn is priceless and learning Christina’s signature style of makeup artistry, The Choi Method™, will always give you the confidence to put your best face forward for any occasion! 

You also have the option to shop afterwards (if you like) and you receive 10% off of anything that you purchase after the session is done. For more rates and availability, please email or call 415-412-8044.

I hope to help you with your makeup education and help evolve your makeup routine so you can enjoy how you look at any age! 

Love, Christina 



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