The Choi Method™️ 1:1 Virtual Makeup Lessons

by Christina Choi on March 11, 2020

I continuously get requests for makeup education from clients around the country. Since I cannot be in two places at once, and with a little help from technology, I was able to start offering clients virtual makeup lessons in 2020. They have also helped me accommodate our clients during this time of uncertainty. The virtual makeup lessons have been a godsend for brides across the country as it has allowed me to help provide customized DIY wedding makeup look for brides so their are camera-ready for their micro weddings and virtual weddings. 

Here’s the scoop:
- I will analyze your features and then customize the best looks designed specifically for your unique facial structure. I will recommend the best colors, brushes and brush placement.

- It is a 2 hour, one-on-one personalized virtual lesson with me. 

- Review your personal makeup assortment and will help you make appropriate edits and suggestions.

- I'll use myself as a model so you can mimic and copy each step on yourself throughout the lesson.

- I will start you off with a natural look and guide you through every single brush stroke and application step.

-Then from there I will show you how to achieve a more dramatic defined look, so when the final look is complete you have essentially reviewed upwards of 7-10 different looks.

- This is your chance to ask me any questions you want and get my expert guidance and advice.

-The whole session will be recorded and you can play back your favorite parts or if you just need a refresh on how I did that technique!

Please email 
to see if you qualify for a makeup lesson and to book your virtual session.


- Fundraisers: We are now working with several non-profits to help raise money for people in need during the Covid crisis and for the BLM movement. Book your next Fundraiser with CCC. 

- Virtual "Pretty Parties" to socialize with your group of girls whether it be for a birthday party, girls-night-in, or for corporate team building. Get ready to sip champagne and learn more of my pro-tips.  

I hope to help you virtually! 

Love, CC

Read Karen's testimonial of her recent virtual lesson with Christina...
"I have always struggled with how to apply eyeshadow to my monolids that wasn't a harsh eyeliner or a smoky eye that didn't make them look like raccoons. No matter what makeup counter I wend to in the mall, no one was able to teach me how to apply makeup effectively. When I discovered Christina on Instagram, I jumped at the chance when she offered me the opportunity to do a virtual makeup lesson. During our virtual call, she spent two hours explaining and detailing every brush, color, technique to achieve a "no makeup, makeup look". As an added bonus, she also went over how to build upon the current look to glam it up for evening! Her techniques were really easy to implement and not as intimidating as I once thought. Christina gave me the tools to recreate any look just from our call. For once in my life, I feel empowered and confident in applying makeup to accentuate my eyes and that alone, was worth everything!" - KAREN Y.

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