Two words: EVA CHEN

by Christina Choi on November 05, 2019

I have been a fan of Eva Chen for quite some time, following her career since her days as editor-in-chief of Lucky Magazine and now as the Director of Fashion partnerships at Instagram. She has always been a huge inspiration to me as an Asian American woman who paved her own path in the world of fashion and beauty.

Cut to last year when Eva was in town for a book signing and I had the privilege to meeting her in person! She was launching her very first children’s book called “Juno Valentine and The Magical Shoes”. We met, she signed the book to my son Bodhi (who loves the book) and kept in touch. 

I was so pleased when Eva reached out to me last month. It was the last day of her book tour (now on her third book) and she was back in town. She needed someone to do her makeup and tapped me to do the honors! I was beyond excited! 

On the day of the event, I arrived at Eva’s hotel in downtown San Francisco bright and early, makeup and brushes ready to go to make Eva look her best. Eva was rushing out of her room as I approached and she said to make myself comfortable while she grabs some breakfast. She comes back to the room with fruit (of course) and a plate of eggs and salmon. She right away sat in my makeup chair while eating her breakfast. She was such a delight even though she was exhausted from her non-stop tour schedule. She was a total professional. She showed me her outfit for the event which was a fun Mickey Mouse sweater with sparkling sleeves, jeans and she wanted something super casual for makeup and not over the top. BTW, I of course, was super dressed up and Eva asked why I was wearing heels! (Ummm, because hello! It’s Eva!) but I kept my inner fan girl at bay and calmly said it was because I was meeting her! She laughed and pointed to her Birkenstock’s. Mental note for next time.

I put together a neutral palette for her, a beige sheen (Candlelight Eyeshadow) on her eyelids and soft chocolate brown smoky eyes in the crease (Chai & Namu Eyeshadows) and Opening Night Eyeshadow as her eyeliner. The I added a pop of apricot pink lips using Apricot Rum & Ooh La La (limited shade) Luxe Cream Crayons. She was very open to trying new things that were out of her comfort zone like full strip lashes (she normally wears individuals) but I persuaded her to try a natural strip lash and lip gloss! She never wears lipgloss, but I got her to try On Vacay Luxury Gloss and I think she liked it. 

We had a quick opportunity to do some educational tutorials (see IG “EVA” highlight to view). I had a blast teaching her and showing her some of the awesome colors and brushes from CCC. Some fun key topics we reviewed: #NoPandaEyes and E+3=Key.

Afterward, she wanted Derek Desierto, the illustrator of her books) to also get a quick BB Cream touch up. We couldn't leave him out and the BB Cream works great for men, too! So we met Derek outside of the hotel and I quickly made him look his best using the Medium BB Cream (you can see the tutorial on "EVA" highlight on IG) It was pretty hilarious because of the spontaneity. And then they were whisked away and off to the book signing.

It was such a privilege to have helped Eva Chen with her look for her final day of her book tour and I’m so glad I could share the experience with you guys here on The Choi Chat!! 


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