What is a "Swatch & Shop"?

by Christina Choi on October 29, 2020

Hi CCC Friends, 

I know that shopping for makeup has been challenging during the pandemic. To help, CCC is offering a new in-person service called “Swatch & Shop”. The “Swatch & Shop” appointments essentially replaced what the “Sip & Shop” appointments were pre-pandemic, but don’t fret…we will bring it back when things are safe to do so!

The “Swatch & Shop” will give you the opportunity to visit our private showroom in Union Square, San Francisco, where you can safely test colors on your hand and shop on the spot. This 25 minute appointment allows us to chat about your makeup goals. From there, I will help suggest and curate the best colors for you. 

This is how it works:

  • When clients arrive, masks are required for myself (of course) and clients stepping into the building at 500 Sutter. 
  • Temperature check before entering CCC studio and then hand washing at the sink inside. 
  • You will see there are two identical makeup display stations in CCC Studio that are more than 6 feet apart. Station #2 is reserved for clients and I’ll be at station #1 with my PPE (Shield, mask and gloves). 
  • At your station, you can view the testers of the colors and if there are any shades you want to swatch on your hand, I will then carve and/or scoop out the exact shades you want to view onto a sanitized palette. 
  • Station #2 has wipes, q-tips, sanitized brushes all laid out for you to use when testing out any colors from the palette.
  • The “Swatch & Shop” appointments are not designed for me to directly apply makeup on the client as I will be 6 feet apart during the entire session. ( If you are interested in a in-person makeup application appointment, that can be scheduled at a separate time. There are different steps and process involved for it and a COVID Safety Waiver must be reviewed and signed beforehand).
  • If there are any colors you would like to purchase, you can do so at your “Swatch & Shop” session and pay contactless. 
  • CCC Studio has great windows and ventilation. All windows will be open fully during the entire session for the best air flow. 
  • The studio is fully sanitized before any client steps into the space. 

I hope this helps make shopping a little bit more easier and fun during the pandemic! Bring a friend and have a girls’ day out in Union Square while visiting CCC Studio. View some of our clients at their “Swatch & Shop” appointments below. Email info@christinachoicosmetics.com to book your session! 





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