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by Christina Choi on May 21, 2019

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m excited to introduce you all to my blog! I know many of you already, but I figured I’d start with an introduction (or re-introduction) of myself and my company for my first post...

My name is Christina Choi and I am the creator and founder of Christina Choi Cosmetics. We are a cosmetics company that provides amazing multifunctional products as well as makeup services. We are located in iconic Union Square in San Francisco, CA. I have been in the makeup industry for over 20 years. I can’t believe it! I was formally the Designer of Makeup Artistry and National Makeup Artist at Bare Minerals, and I started my makeup career at MAC Cosmetics in my teens and MAC PRO. I have contributed to campaigns for Christina Choi Cosmetics as well as for QVC, Sephora, Bare Minerals, and Buxom.

When I was young, I suffered with severe cystic acne. I remember around the 5th grade, seeing massive red bumps around my forehead, cheeks and chin. This was incredibly embarrassing for me. I didn’t know what was happening to my skin and didn’t know anything about makeup at that age. It was an ongoing struggle for me. I remember going to dermatologists and getting prescription topical cream medications for my skin, but nothing worked, it just kept getting worse as I got older. By the time I was in  high school, I started getting into makeup and learned how to cover my skin with concealers and foundations. I remember applying my makeup in the morning and loved the whole process. With just a little makeup, I transformed my skin and regain my self-esteem and confidence to go to school. Even later, I went on every type of oral prescription medications prescribed by my dermatologist as my skin just kept getting worse with cystic acne. Nothing worked. Then I had no other option but to take the strongest medication out there called, Accutane. Usually people who take this potent medication ( typically a 4-5 month cycle) will see acne drastically reduce for a lifetime. Doctors montor you close on this medication with many blood tests and doctor’s visits. Because of my severe case, I ended up taking Accutane 4 times (4 cycles!!) between the ages of 15-21 years old!  It finally worked and my acne has been under control for the past 19 years. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, the struggle with my skin was one of the catalyst to my career in makeup.

During my time in high school, I started to get into color cosmetics and dabbling into eye makeup and I was completely fascinated with makeup artistry. I realized I loved all things makeup, but I always saw a lack of representation in makeup for Asian-Americans in the 90’s. I remember going to a MAC makeup counter at Stonestown Mall, in San Francisco, to get my makeup done for my high school senior portraits. I was completely shocked at what the makeup artist did for my eyes. She created an artificial crease line above my natural crease line (which is just lower) mimicking more “western” looking eyes. At the age of 17, I was insulted and confused! I remember removing my makeup and redoing my eyes as I realized at that point I knew how to better enhance my eyes with makeup in a naturally defined way and most importantly, staying true to my features. After I graduated high school, I went to college at San Francisco State University studying Consumer & Family Studies and Fashion & Textile Design. During that time, I entered the beauty industry and I got a part-time job at MAC Cosmetics at the same counter at Stonestown Mall where I had the bad makeup experience. It’s interesting how it came full circle.

Since then, I have traveled the country doing makeup on over 10,000 women of all ages and ethnicities. Through those experience, I listened to what people wanted and helped them find their own unique beauty. All of these experiences and my 20+ years in the beauty industry inspired me to create my own line of makeup. Christina Choi Cosmetics works on all different faces and ethnicities, but when creating my products I really thought about how the colors and brushes work on me. From flatter, more petite eye brushes for monolids or hooded eyes, to highly pigmented and versatile eye shadows for women of color, my line has something for everyone!

Not only do I have my makeup line for retail and wholesale, but we also have a makeup service division. My team and I offer wedding makeup, makeup for photoshoots and film, private and group makeup lessons, corporate pop-up events and special event makeup. I love being able to help celebrate each client’s unique beauty through makeup on their special days, and being able to teach them how to create beautiful makeup looks on their own through private lessons is truly an honor. Some of my favorite experiences are through my classes, workshops and private events, where I am able to teach clients how to play to their unique features with makeup.

Join me on this empowering and inspiring journey with makeup and “celebrate your unique beauty.”

- Christina Choi


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